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Question asked by Dan Golthing on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Frederick Law

Some relevant content is being censored.  Typically, it has to do with SolidWork's competition, specifically a new kid on the block.  I won't mention any names, because my post won't see the light of day.


The information was posted to encourage discussion regarding the direction of CAD, etc.  If somebody has a new way of doing things, I want to understand it.


There are SolidWorks customers leaving for new platforms.  To understand why could be to help improve SolidWorks, or could solidify my loyalty if I don't like it.


My posts were never allowed to see the light of day.


On the other hand, I recently posted a critical reply to an article online of that same competitive software.  They are trying to act like they've solved all the world's problems when it comes to CAD.  I pointed out several problems with their platform and then my post disappeared.  So that was pretty funny. 


Hopefully you all realize that I'm an equal opportunity offender.


Anyways, it's disappointing that we can't point out where other platforms are succeeding so that maybe we can address if those are things we want or not.


For instance, this totally-on-line model, of which I won't name.  I don't dig it and have many questions, but one of the videos I tried to post and was moderated into oblivion was discussing why would someone leave the current paradigm and move to an entirely on-line subscription.