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Having trouble creating groove in part using "swept cut"

Question asked by Dave Krum on Dec 19, 2018
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Hello. I'm trying to do a "swept cut" on a part to create a groove 1" wide x 1/4" thick into a 1/2" plate along a guide curve. I need to create a part then drawing first that I can use (or the operator can check burned part to) for programming a groove in some 1/2" plate on our burning & machining center. The groove will be created by an end mill that will be taking out 1/8" material with 2 passes to get to the 1/4" depth. I need to show the shop that it will have rounded outside corners of 5/8" radius from using our 1-1/4" end mill so I created a guide curve that will be dead center of the 1/4x1 cut with 1/8" fillet to represent the center of mill bit (5/8" radius on bit - 1/2" wide slot = 1/8" so that when profile cuts around profile there will be 5/8" radius on outside) . The "swept cut" feature doesn't seem to work (get errors if you try my part file). There are alot of options but I'm not sure I even have it set up correctly. Should be simple it seems. I created a guide curve w/ rounded corners and a closed profile on dead center of guide curve so I would think the cut should just go smooth. I'm still on SW2015 so maybe any responses can just do a snip of the feature tree and screenshots of the moves. I won't be able to read any higher version and I'm sure I'm the only one still on this old version. Thanks in advance for any help.


Test #2 part snip: