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VBA - Setting Custom Property in Stacked Balloon

Question asked by Cad Admin on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Josh Brady

I need to set the uppertext in a split balloon to be the custom property "SheetNumber".  I cant find any references for the use of swBalloonTextCustomProperties


Set swstackedballoons = swModelDocExt.CreateStackedBalloonOptions()

            swstackedballoons.BalloonsPerLine = 2

            swstackedballoons.StackDirection = swStackedBalloonDir_Left

            swstackedballoons.Style = swBS_Circular

            swstackedballoons.Size = swBF_3Chars

            swstackedballoons.UpperTextContent = swBalloonTextCustomProperties

            swstackedballoons.UpperText = ?????????

            swstackedballoons.ItemOrder = swBalloonItemNumbers_DoNotChangeItemNumber