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Scan Data not Showing up in Assemblies

Question asked by Phillip Laplante on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Coleman Knabe

Hello, I am working on an assembly that incorporates a scan of a Turbocharger. This scan has been greatly downsized with the Scan to 3D addon, however each part is still ~30MB when saved. The problem I am having is if I put both of these parts together in an assembly, they disappear. It seems to be a similar problem to both of these posts, mesh won't display Point Cloud Disappears from Assembly & Part Files However, there was little that those posts offered to fix this problem, besides remaking everything, which really isn't a solution. If I remake this assembly, yes the parts do show up, but I have had this same issue occur in more complex models that would be a waste to have to scrap everything and restart.


As a sanity check, I put in a revolved feature so that I could know it wasn't simply the part being hidden.


Now hold on to your hats because this problem gets weirder: If I open the assembly inside another assembly, it shows both meshes of each part just fine. That second part makes me believe there is no hardware problem (too little ram, bad graphics card, etc). I also can repeat this problem on multiple computers.


Is there some hidden document property that got turned on with this assembly file that would hide meshes?


Here are the files since they are too big to upload here. Dropbox - Turbo - Simplify your life