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PDM - How to set IEdmUser10 in VBA

Question asked by Eric Schwieterman on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Eric Schwieterman

Does Anyone know how to set IEdmUser10 in VBA so I can access the FullName?


Here's an example of code I have so far.  Before I can set my user variable I think I need to set eUser (IEdmUser10) to something.


Dim eVault                  As IEdmVault5

Dim eSearch                 As IEdmSearch5

Dim eResult                 As IEdmSearchResult5

Dim eFolder                 As IEdmFolder5

Dim eName                   As IEdmObject5

Dim eCardaccess          As IEdmEnumeratorVariable5

Dim eUser                   As IEdmUser10

Dim user                     As String

Dim vaultname As String


Sub main()


'log into the vault

        vaultname = ("engineering") 'vault name

        Set eVault = New EdmVault5

        If Not eVault.IsLoggedIn Then 'log into vault

            Call eVault.LoginAuto(vaultname, 0)

        End If


        user = eUser.FullName


End Sub