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SOLIDWORKS PDM referenced files collection

Question asked by Ants Palgi on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2018 by Ants Palgi

I describe the situation or problem.
I have main assembly in PDM folder. Lot of parts and their drawings are in different folders. All of them have generated PDF documents in format FILENAME_REVISION.PDF (a la Part1_A.pdf).


After this main assembly is release I have question how I can collect all referenced drawings and specially PDFs and send them to third parties? Generated PDFs are in different folders. Revisions are mixed (there are A, B C and whatever revision in one assembly), and they are not release in one transaction.

The perfect were when I have one button "Copy referenced PDFs, DXF or etc.." to one folder outside PDM).

I want to believe that there is exist some out of the box reasonable tool for this kind of file collection. I cannot believe that I’m first who has this challenge…