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Rebuild Errors: Cannot create edge which does not split a face

Question asked by Ricardo Freitas on Dec 18, 2018
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Thank you all in advance for your help!


I am getting an error when using the split face command, the error shown is as the title.

There is another post in this board with pretty much the same title, but the problem causing the error is certainly different and none of the given solutions is applicable.


What I am trying to do, is to split the grey surface, using the tubular sweep as a tool.

The sweep is a solid, so it certainly is a closed volume.

The curve used to make the sweep (circular profile) is a projection of a sketch onto the surface, so the "tube" certainly and absolutley intersects the surface

The preview has no dificulty highlighting the end result, but the command does not resolve





As a side note, if I export both this bodies into another CAD software (NX) the intended split face has no trouble at all resolving.

I can achieve the expected result, which is the surface with a partition created by the intersection with the tube, by:

duplicating the surface,

use the tube as a "cut surface" removing the outside

use the tube as a "cut surface" removing the inside

knit both inside and outside with the "merge entities" unchecked



Any thought on what i'm doing wrong? Or how I can achieve the same result in an elegant manner?

I feel Solidworks has all the geotry needed to perform the split with no trouble at all.


The work arround works, but I will have to make this same procedure dozens of times and the extra steps aren't worth it. I get it easier and faster If I switch to NX to perform the splits and back to solidworks, but this makes me loose tree and that is also a great bummer.


Again, thank you all for your time. Any help will be appreciated!


I attached the shown file (SW2018)