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License Order On Client Is Not The Same As License Order On Server

Question asked by Curtis Key on Dec 17, 2018
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First, I an not a CAD guy, I'm just a lowly Software Engineer that is tasked with creating a silent install for Solidworks 2018 SP2 Education (Premium). First, we had a problem with the Material Database being unavailable. I found in the forums that if we moved the license for Solidworks Premium to the top of the license order, it would fix the problem. I tried it on the client, and sure enough, the Material Database problem was fixed.


I worked with our server guy to reorder the licenses in the server license manager in this order...

  • SOLIDWORKS Premium
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium
  • SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation


But when I install Solidworks on a fresh client, using the admin image, it still has the old license order, with SOLIDWORKS Premium next to last, and the Material Database problem is still there. Restarted the Flexnet service on the server, still get the old license order.


I check the reg key in HKCU on the client, and it reflects the old license order. Delete the license key, close Solidworks, restart the computer, and still get the old license order. Uninstall, and reinstall Solidworks, delete all folders and reg keys pertaining to Solidworks, and get the same result. Is the license order cached somewhere other than in the registry? Since I created the admin template when the server had the old license order, do I need to create a new one? I'm really stuck and would greatly appreciate any suggestions or help!!