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PDM Action Execute Command line character length limit

Question asked by Rodney Martin on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by Martin Solem

I am using the following command to copy a PDM file when submitted to workflow. Unfortunately, when you add to UNC paths together, you exceed the command line length of 256 characters pretty quickly. This command works perfectly when length is not a problem. Are there other options? Is there a logical name of some sort that might already be available to cut the path shorter to the source? I need some sort of solution that is hands-off to the user, and does not require Solidworks to be running, or to launch when the files are submitted to the workflow. I can cut my destination path some, but that will only get me about half back of what I need.

Thank you!

2018-12-17 14_15_43-Transition Action.png