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    notifications not sent

      I had several notification through my workflow notifying the checker and the final approval etc. It was setup on SMTP and since we installed EPDM '09 none of them are getting sent. I checked with our IT person and he said there is no record of the messages even being initiated.
      Any suggestions?
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          Try to restart the Database Server.
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              I am the IT person Jeff referred to above. The server has been rebooted but we're still having this problem with notifications. I'm having an issue with the database server. When I try to login using the sa account it accepts the password but the db server configuration utility never actually opens. I have verified that the pdmenterprise service is running and that the vault db and conisiomasterdb are both online. Also, verified that the sa password is correct on the archive server. The upgrade from the previous version of the db was successful with no errors. I followed all the best practice procedures in the epdm documentation. Any ideas what may be causing this?
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                  Jeremy Schmidt
                  I had the same issue. Try this....

                  There needs to be a mail profile in SQL
                  Enter and execute the following in the query page

                  EXECUTE msdb.dbo.sysmail_add_profile_sp
                  @profile_name = 'SWEPDM Mail',
                  @description = 'Profile used SWEPDM mail.' ;

                  Assign the created profile
                  Right click on SQL-Server Agent and go to Properties
                  Click the "Alert System" page
                  Check the enable mail box
                  Select "Database Mail" as the mail system
                  Select "SWEPDM Mail" as the mail profile
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                      Joy Garon
                      Hi All -

                      Jeremy - I don't think that is the right solution.
                      EPDM does not rely on any of the built in SQL notifications. Enterprise stuff is handled by the database server service, updating the database directly where appropriate, or communicating with the SMTP server directly.

                      Ryan - I would recommend putting in a call to your VAR for help.
                      Also, refer to the KB (knowledge base) solution:
                      S-08226 "How can a user troubleshoot the PDMWorks® Enterprise Database Server service?"

                      You can get to the knowledge base via the customer portal website.

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                          Thanks Jeremy. We are using smtp for notifications so I'm not sure the solution for your issue applies to our specific issue.

                          Joy- I have a ticket open with our VAR so hopefully they will find a solution. I posted here also just in case anyone else has had this same issue. I've been going through the troubleshooting documentation that you mentioned but so far nothing has worked.
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                              Jeremy Schmidt
                              I'm using SMTP as well and wouldn't have thought that the SQL mail would have made a difference either, but it worked. I didn't have the issue in 2008, but as soon as I went to 2009, it didn't work. So either I just got lucky and they are completely unrelated, or it did something to make it work. Now I just can't figure out why the buttons in the email aren't working. I had them working in Office 03, but can't get them to work in Office 07. They work fine using the internal PDM mail system, but not through SMTP. I'm thinking there's a security or permission setting somewhere.
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                                  Ryan and Wayne solved this issue. It was in the Enterprise Database Server
                                  here is some of the discourse between them


                                  When you installed the client software, did you use Active Directory? If so that does not install the SQL-DMO drivers. I have also seen issues with x64 clients not getting installed as a prerequisite.

                                  On the clients, manually install the SQL-DMO drivers "SQLServer2005_BC.msi". For x32 systems, this is located in the "\Setup\ISSetupPrerequisites\{2A2B0450-D83A-4779-B083-FC7E50A1BB86}" folder. For x64, it is in "\Setup64\ISSetupPrerequisites\{2A2B0450-D83A-4779-B083-FC7E50A1BB86}" folder. Then do a repair on the client software. You should also delete all of the records in the "DocumentActionInfo" and "BroadcastEvent" tables. They may block future notifications from being sent.


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                                      Jason Capriotti
                                      It's ok to delete all the records in the dbo.BroadcastEvent table? I have 11414 rows in that table......and I don't have any auto email functions setup. So what are these?
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                                          Transition notifications, user messages (when not using smtp), checked in and out notifications, etc.


                                          Keep in mind users can set notifications without you knowing about it for state changes. If you have that many rows, somewhere along the line the database service wasn't/is not running.

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                                              Jason Capriotti

                                              Thing is, the users have only just started using the system so there shouldn't be that many, especially since the users only have read-only access at the moment to view PDF files. No one is checking in or out files.....just an automated program that imports in new PDF files. Is there a way to see what users have notifications?


                                              Can I delete the items in these table with no problems?

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                                                Jason Capriotti

                                                Now have 12683 rows today versus the 11414 from the Dec 18th. The database service has been running and hasn't been down to my knowledge. Is there a way to see what the Event ID and types in the table means?

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                                                    Run a standard trace using SQL Profiler on the vault database server. You should see the following query: Use [YourVaultName] EXEC GetBroadcastEvents. If not, restart your database service. GetBroadcastEvents deletes the rows from the table.


                                                    The EventID is an identity column. There are three common event types: 1) New Mail, 2) Project/Folder Content Changed, and 3) Document Changed. (There are others I'm sure.) Param1ID is the ID of the recipient, folderID or documentID respectively.