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Can I open and edit design tables without update by model?

Question asked by P. P on Dec 17, 2018

Every time I open a design table, I have to wait for the table to be updated.  Can I skip the update and just change the table?

I don’t want this:

  • 99,9% of the time i know i did not change the model in any way that i want reflected in the design table, so the update is pointless
  • It is a time consuming process and often results in crashes.
  • By updating, Solid works does add pointless collumns that i will have to remove again, and again
  • I do want to easiliy update the model by design table edits.


I would be happy just to drive my configurations from the design table without having any way to update the table by model changes, if that would allow me to quickly open and alter the table, followed by a model update, not the other way around.