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Problem with a sketch for Sketch Driven pattern for Hole Wizard feature

Question asked by Mikko Laine on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by Bryan Obermeyer


I have to model few parts like in the picture:


Few basic details about the part:

1. Part outlines and it's X/Y and X'/Y' dimensions are derived from a weldment (tube frame) outlines

2. Hole locations circled in red are defined by a corner points of a offset of part outlines

3. Distance between holes is done by a Linear Pattern with following settings

and this results in a pattern like



Problem with this approach is such that in the part shown I have to do three separate Linear Patterns. This means also three separate Pattern Driven Patterns in Assembly to populate the necessary mounting hardware. Also in drawings I have to to either three separate hole call outs or calculate the total number of holes by hand.


I know that this could be achieved by a Sketch Driven Pattern but due to the limitations of Linear Pattern in Sketching I would have to calculate the number of holes and spacing by hand.


Any ideas about an easy workaround? Making a one linear pattern and skipping instances is not an option as there should be a hole in every corner and spacing in X' and Y' will not be the same as the spacing in X and Y.