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    SW PCB integration to the PDM

    Vladimir Hubik

      It has been a while I asked here for the integration of SW PCB in to the PDM. Our company running SW products and PDM integration of all softwares would be great.

      I dont see the plans in SPs for early 2019. When we can expect the integration?


      Honestly, SolidWorks PCB Services is totally not a good working system for team cooperation.



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          Karishma DCOSTA

          Hello Vladimir,


          Solidworks PCB Services is meant to serve as a conduit for the ECAD-MCAD solution rather than team design collaboration, hence we understand your inclination towards PDM.

          PDM works out-of-the-box with PCB documents and can set up a workflow within your company depending on your requirements. However you may not have the PDM buttons/ commands within the SOLIDWORKS PCB environment but will have to control the same through Windows explorer. Hence, if this suits you, you may connect with your VAR for the same.

          Regarding the native PDM connector with controls under the SOLIDWORKS PCB menus, the release information shall be shared once the release is due.


          Hope this helps:-)

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              Vladimir Hubik

              Hello Karishma,


              you are partially right, we can work in PDM directly, i.e. we have stored Libraries in there and share within the electro-group.

              But with the projects/drawings, it is more difficult. At first, I cant Open a New project directly in the EPDM. It still goes to Services and I need to open some Repository.. Usually I do it like it and then directlly copy the project files in the PDM and put all out of version control.


              But the worse problem is Mechanical Collaboration. Our mechanical team use SolidWorks together with the PDM. They have all components (libraries) saved in the PDM. When I use PCB connector to push the board to them, it still makes new and new electro components in PDM. And of course there are already existing electro-components, so asking for overwrites or results in some failure, etc.

              We can work only if mechanics import the PCB and save it localy on the disk, not to the PDM. Then move the PCB manually as the assembly to their drawings.


              We really do not need any ribbon buttons for PDM in SW PCB, but basic importing to the mechanical SW and probably libraries and components interfacing to the PDM would be great..




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              Craig Schultz

              There were a couple things I was looking forward to this release that didn't make it into the final product.  Integration into PDM being the top one.  Some more in beta (at least the what's new PDF) that didn't make the cut.

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                Steve Calvert

                We're in the process of moving from Smarteam and also adding SW PCB and all this needs to SW PDM Pro.  Our VAR is currently working on the solution and we should have their results shortly.  Looking forward to seeing all this in PDM Pro.


                Steve C