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Linear sketch pattern not applying to design table

Question asked by Mitchell Bird on Dec 16, 2018

I am trying to make a parametric model of an engine cylinder but the revolved boss feature doesn't apply to every sketch in the linear sketch pattern.


I started the drawing by drawing just one of the cooling fins and then used a linear sketch pattern to add the other cooling fins which make up the body of the cylinder, and then revolved boss around a centre line. I then have a design table with different top level paramaters at different values, the problem I'm having is when the number of fins in the linear sketch pattern (decided by equation relating number of fins to the cylinder length) changes, the revolve boss feature doesn't apply to every fin (only the same number as my original sketch). The linear sketch pattern also does not show in the Design Tree so I'm wondering whether it is a linear sketch pattern or just a normal sketch? Hopefully that makes sense and someone can help, thanks.