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    Damir Galic

      Why doesn't solidworks support something such as bezier surfaces, nurbs for circles? It works with triangles which generate multi-edged circles. This defects are visible mostly on cones where flat triangle surfaces extend from top of the cone to bottom edge thus making edges visible because light reflects differently. The shape then looks like it was made from bent rather than rounded sheet metal.


      I read that this would work really slowly on rendering... but how would it work in solidworks opengl environment? If this was an option you could then decide how fine mesh you want for specific body within visualize. Which currently you cant.


      I know you can set this HLR/HLV quality to maximum before rendering however in large assemblies it automatically drops to low for unknown reason.


      another image to show what I mean:

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          Chris Dordoni

          A nurbs surface must be triangulated (meshed) to display with any software or graphics card; its a universal requirement and not SolidWorks specific.


          It is the quality of the meshing that determines the smoothness of the display. Unfortunately the SolidWorks mesher does not consider the aspect ratio of the resulting triangles, which is critical in producing a smooth display.


          Its possible to use the Split with Line function to break up the surface to force triangles to have sides of more equal length (see attached example).


          The cone as you have noted is the worst case object, and while its possible to split the surface, there results are always poor near the apex. Using a truncated cone will improve the results.