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Photoview 360, metal, chrome etc won't render like it should

Question asked by Kimberly Nguyen on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by Paul Salvador

I'm trying to render chrome/steel/high gloss black but rendering it, it appears dull and not how chrome/steel/high gloss black plastic should be.

I've tried looking at other forums and so far I've tried:

- Turning on the lights in photoview

- Playing around with the positions of the lights (including adding more lights)

- Playing with with Scene settings, i.e. Photoview lighting (bg brightness, render brightness, scene reflectivity)

- Changing the scene to a lighter scene

- Playing around with appearance settings itself (i.e the illumination settings and maxing out the reflection, specular amount, and specular spread)

- Playing with render options (updating the render and preview quality to max)


None of those changes made any difference to the dullness of the part unfortunately.

I'm using Solidworks Premium 2015


If anyone has any other solutions, that would be great.