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    dimension error when converting to dwg

    Charles McRaven
      A coworker converted a slddrw into a dwg (R14) and for some reason, a centermark arc bumped out 0.050". He had dimensioned the hole pattern to this arc and in the slddrw file, the arc goes through the center of the holes and the radial dimension was correct (11.000). After converting, the radial dimension still read 11.000, but the centermark arc measured 11.050 radius. The arrow of the dimension ended 0.05" short of the arc and if you extended it to the arc, it changed to 11.050.

      There were three other dimensions created the exact same way and they did not have this error after converting.

      Has this happened to anyone else? Any solution other than the obvious (don't convert to R14 and erase 13 years of software development progress)?

      Also, any good ideas about emailing drawings without using pack-and-go and giving someone your model?