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My Favorite Ideas for SWW 2019

Discussion created by Glenn Schroeder on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by Daen Hendrickson

Only some of these are ones I submitted, and I didn't put all the ones I submitted in this list.  They're in no particular order.  I know it's a long list; there were a lot of good Ideas submitted this year.


Drawings: Need better UI for adding welding symbols in drawings

Enable the Quick Mate Toolbar for Editing Mates

Automatic Direction Change on Extruded Cut

Allow Showing Tangent Edges for Selected Components in a Drawing View

Allow Linking BOM Columns Directly to Cut List Properties

Ability to read the Material, Weight, Surface, etc. from SOLIDWORKS Parts and Assembly without any Custom Property

Drawings:  Have Note Leaders Snap to Vertical and Horizontal

Add Balloon, Weld, and Note Leader Soft Snap similar to Dimensions

Have the Relation Toolbar Available in Drawings

Group drawing views

Have Default Layer Setting for Virtual Sharps in Options

Link to Property, Pin Dialog Box

Add Options to the Quick Mate Toolbar

When suppressing a feature in a component optionally rebuild the children features as erroneous, do not suppress them as well

Allow Entering Custom Value in Quick Scale List

Ability to override document dual dimension placement per dimension

Assemblies:  Patterned Components Should Keep Parent Configuration

Visibility settings should be system settings, not document settings

Highlight Component in Tree when Edge or Vertex is Selected

Provide entitlement to all Service Packs (SP5.0), regardless of purchase anniversary

Allow Midpoint Selection of Cylindrical Ends

Drawing: Option to delete child views when deleting a parent view

Option to Hide New Sketches in Display States

Drawing: Option to link drawing sheet name to model file name, configuration name or properties

"Center in Slot" Default Condition for Slot Mates

Fix UI so drop down boxes don't obscure the interface

Fix the Workflow Inconsistencies Between Mirroring and Linear Patterning in Assemblies

Drawings: Allow Centermark ends to extend radially an equal distance

Allow Midpoint Selection with Quick Mates

Drawing: Option to add/link Custom Properties/Dimensions in Dimensions

Fully Define Hole Wizard Slots

Setting for Leader Location in Multi-line Notes and Dimensions

Sketching:  Add 45° Sketch Relation

Fix the "Seed Position" Issue on Pattern Driven Component Patterns

Drawings:  Increase the Line Format toolbar functions

Easier Deleting of Dimensions with Instant 2d

Expand "Lock Concentric Mates"


Edited to add Manage Display States (especially Hide/Show) with Tables  (I don't know how this one got past me earlier.)


(2018-12-27 edit:  Automatic Direction Change on Extruded Cut is currently sitting at #6.  After all these years, I have some hope that one of my ideas will finally make the Top Ten.)