Rachayl Duker

Smart Components - various frustrations

Discussion created by Rachayl Duker on Mar 17, 2009
I am trying to build smart components and have run into the following frustrating limitations.

1. External references are not allowed, or are automatically broken.
E.g., Say I make a defining assembly with "SmartPart" and "PartA", PartA being the part into which I want to insert smart features, say an extruded cut. I want the sketch for the cut to reference various faces, edges, etc of PartA which I would re-choose when I insert SmartPart in a real assembly (this being how library features work). But when I insert SmartPart it doesn't offer to select the edges and simply ignores those relations. Sometimes in the process of creating the smart component it gives me an error that external references are not allowed and will be broken.

2. I wanted some of the smart features inserted in assembly components to be extruded parts which were not merged, but it doesn't let you use multibody parts in the defining assembly.
The truth is that there is a workaround - you can create a multibody part as you need in the defining assembly and then merge it into a single-body-part by doing a final extrude with "merge" selected to connect all the other bodies, then just not select that last extrude feature as one of the smart features.
I use the same workaround when I make library features, where multibody parts are also "not allowed" but this trick works.
But isn't that kind of dumb? Why can't you just have multibody features??

3. I wanted my smart component to be one component within a subassembly and for the subassy to be within a main assembly, and components from the main assembly would receive smart features. But there is no option to activate smart features from the main assembly!

I am using SW2008 SP4.0 by the way.
Any tips?