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solidworks drawing to autocad convertion - issues with layer mapping

Question asked by Ashistaru Dey on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2019 by Ashistaru Dey

We need to convert our solidworks drawing into autocad dwgs to keep into our archive. I mapped the layers with different SW entities like below figure, while export like many of you must be doing.

After each export all these entities are channelized into an autocad dwg file. But so far I have been unable to control the dimstyles they produce. As a result all dimensions are distributed into numerous dimstyles. The dimensions if edited (even double clicked) turns into looking odd. It is a tedious process to sort out all these dimstyle and correct one by one when a single dimension in altered in that dwg file.

Is there any process to get over this situation, folks?


Also i'd like to add, after this export any minor change I try to do in these dimensions will turn them as below. As you all may know this takes hours to clean-up this mess.

Still looking out for a solution