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How do I stop parts moving when I flip Mate Alignment?

Question asked by John Wayman on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Josh Brady

When I insert a part, frequently a screw, into an assembly, and create a concentric mate between the screw and its tapped hole, SW often places the screw 180 degrees out from the way I want it. That's OK, I can go to History, at the top of the tree, and find the latest entry, right-click, Flip Mate Alignment. It is at this point that my blood pressure rises, because the part does not simply flip, it translates along its axis. And the most annoying part is that I swear it always, always translates it just far enough that it is completely inside another part. Now I have to click and faff about making the part it is buried in transparent, drag it out so I can see it, then, because the part it has disappeared into is almost always the part I want to mate the screw to, I have to click and faff about making the part solid again.


  • Is there a way to prevent a part from translating along its axis when a concentric mate is flipped?
  • Is there some good reason why this is a useful feature? It must happen for a reason, but I really can't think of a situation when it could be of any value.


It is not only fasteners, by the way, it does it whatever part I drag into position.


SW2018, SP4