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Apple Server with PC Work Station

Discussion created by Dave Krueckeberg on Mar 17, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2009 by Tom Nicholson
Running SW on a Dell Precision 390, SW SP2.1, Quadro FX1700, 3G RAM, WinXp SP2. Re-Installed Windows, Clean Uninstall & Install SW, video driver check, upgraded network card, etc...

They replaced a PC server, with an Apple Server. Told me "It's just a file server" no biggie. Has not been the same since. Anybody ever experienced this?

Open server stored Assembly, in "Lightweight", select part in assembly, edit part in assembly, mouse changes to hour glass, pauses 5-10 seconds, status bar goes half way, program crashes and displays "Restarting Solidworks". Same problem repeatable on other workstations. Does not matter what part is selected. Does not matter what assembly I open.

So working with VAR, sent him pack and go assembly, SW Rx stuff. Does not crash for him. I put zipped assembly on my local computer and in a separate folder on server. Able to open lightweight and edit "in-assembly" without crashing.

Next step is to keep everything local and see if the in-assembly edit issue happens there as well.

Thoughts on the Apple Server?