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Dispatch Task not running for all documents

Question asked by Alexandre Bonneau on Dec 12, 2018
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I'm currently working on a simple dispatch that need to ask an information from the user when a .SLDDRW is about to change state to "En attente d'approbation client" (Waiting for customer aproval). The Edit box will promp only if a Card Variables = "Approbation"


The folders of the slddrw I'm testing look like this:

In the top folder I have my main assembly with a Drawing of this assembly.

Then, in a sub folder I have multiple Drawings of sub assemblys


The problem is that when I change the state of the main drawing, dispatch only trigger on 1 of those drawing and not the rest.


Would any of you have an idea why? Sorry my PDM is in french I've put a traduction under the image:


Pour tout les documents = For all documents

Jump.... = Jump

Extraire le fichier = Check Out File

Label... = Label

Zone d'édition = Edit Box

Définir les variables de carte = Set Card Variable

Archiver le Fichier = Check In File

Fin pour tout les Documents = End for all documents