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Differences between Viewport and Render in 2019?

Question asked by Jeffrey Model on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Rich Fagioli

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Good news: I think I see the issue: the render setting had been switched to Fast from Accurate (viewport is set to Accurate)

Bad news: I can't get 2019 to render in Accurate. The render completes in 0 seconds with nothing on the screen and no error message presented to me.



I was putting a model together today in 2019 SP0 (or whichever one is current now) and ran into something I don't recall encountering in previous versions - although it may very well exist there as well and I simply haven't noticed it yet.


The first image is from the preview window and the second is from the render. As you can see, they're somewhat different from each other. Is there a setting somewhere that I missed?