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Solidworks 2018 SP4.0/5.0 Freezes on right-clicking

Question asked by Marco Corona on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by Richard Bremmer

Hello dear,

I have a freezing problem on a Desktop PC at our company.


I have a  PC with :

- Solidworks 2018 SP 5.0

- CPU: Intel I7-7700

- Graphic card: Nvidia quadro P2000 (with solidworks drivers)

- 32 GB dram DDR4

- SSD 500gb


I have tried to do a clean installation, improve performance by disabling some visual effects on windows and disabling all programs like antivirus ecc....

I have the same computer in another position with the same configurations ( except for CPU that is a Intel I7-7600) without any kind of problem like it.


Have you got some issue like mine? Can you help me? Thank you very much