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Dimensions are misplaced/ overlapped on each other in Drawing

Question asked by Abhishek Lad on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Mike Spens

Hi All ,

In the process of Drawing Automation using Solidworks API we are facing one major hurdle regarding dimensioning.

For the drawing automation we are generating the drawings using a pre-drafted drawing of a parametric 3D Model. However, when the 3D Part/Assembly gets updated in Solidworks, the views get updated as required but the dimensions are misplaced/ overlapped on each other (Please refer below Screenshots).


We have tried the Auto-Arrange feature for dimensions but it’s not arranging the dimensions properly.

Request you to urgently provide us a way (parameter in solidworks to control the positioning of dimensions/length of extension line which can be programmatically controlled) to overcome the above issue which is very crucial for user acceptance and implementation of our drawing automation system.