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holewizard fits (sizes) are not reflected in the geometry in solidworks 2019 sp0

Question asked by Jeff Woodall on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by Shawn Stugard

We are using SW 2019 SP0 (lesson learned) We are trying to put in dowel holes with a press fit or a slip fit based on what we have setup in the Hole Wizard using the Fits option under Hole Wizard. the workflow is like adding any Hole Wizard hole except you select FIT. So select your face to start the hole, click hole wizard (RMB hole wizard icon) select Hole under Hole Type, Select size, scroll to the bottom and select Tolerance/Precision (this use to be under hole size and has now moved in 2019), select the pulldown for Tolerance Type and select Fit. Options to select are (User Defined, Clearance, Transitional, and Press). Once you select the option, go to place your hole with the position tab, place the hole and finish. Now if you measure the hole it will be at the nominal size. If you place a second hole with a different fit it will again be at the nominal size.

We have used the Hole Wizard configuration tool for years and this has always worked. We have the same setting in the Hole Wizard configurations for 2019, but it does not change the actual geometry of the hole, so your hole callout on the drawing does not call out the correct diameter of hole.

If anyone has figured this issue out please let me know.

Thank you.