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Macro to Rename Cut-List Folders and Bodies based on Filename

Question asked by JP Johnston on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by Emad Ktifany

Long time "listener", first time "caller". I haven't done any coding in well over 15 years.


I have attached one of the files I am trying to parse out the filename to only include the numbers, i.e. "06" in this case. This file was called COL19 in the beginning. We have renamed the files to the order in which they are erected. Instead of renaming the cut-list folder and body manually, I thought I might ask if anyone has an easier way of either batch processing a group of files or renaming the cut-list folder and body one file at a time.


In processing the file, I am looking to add a letter after the parsed filename, i.e. 06a, 06b, 06c etc. The order in which the cut-list folder and body are lettered, just that the macro runs thru all of the cut-list folders and bodies is irrelevant. The body needs the naming conventions as we will save the bodies out to be used to laser cut the sq and rect tubing.


I have about 45 parts that need to have the cut-list folders and bodies renamed.


Any help is greatly appreciated.