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BOM table header cell permanent / sign

Question asked by Jozsef Andre on Dec 11, 2018

Hi all,


Using freshly installed Solidworks 2019 on Win 7. The drawing I'm working on was created in Solidworks 2016. I added a column to the BOM, which is set to custom property, and the property name field is left blank (standard when adding columns to BOM).
Whatever I type in the top box of the new column, after hitting enter a / sign appears in front of the text I put in. I can edit the cell, delete the / from in front of the text, but it reappears after hitting enter. I can select the cell and hit delete, and whatever I typed in gets cleared, but the / sign stays there (see image).


Workaround: If I edit the cell and delete the contents the / sign disappears, and doesn't seem to reappear even after a rebuild, and I can put in a note behind the table, but this isn't really ideal.

Tried putting in a new BOM, but it's doing the same thing. Opening another drawing and putting in a new column does the same thing. I haven't seen this behaviour before. Has anybody else ran into this?