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    Chain array motion?

    Matt Juric

      Can you make a chain array move in a motion study around a belt? Picture a cleated conveyor belt? The motion study says you can use "Anything but free", however "Free" is the only one that appears to move the entire array when you move the seed. So if you do the chain array in free and move the seed everything else moves on the path properly. All the other the array does not seem to move.


      Am I missing something or is there another approach? I'm attempting to make a cleated belt conveyor where all the cleats move appropriately.



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          Matt Juric

          I tried several things on this. I did get the "Cleated belt" I was looking for by mating a bunch of cleats to the same path. However after adding 50 cleats each with 2 path mates the assembly became unusable. My final "Work around", not elegant at all but work for my motion study, was a 100 foot long flat belt with an array of cleats that was driven by  linear motor.


          Didn't go around and around and look cool like I would have like but allowed me to study the hopper shape and interaction with the belt which is what I needed.