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Error: "No element surface defined on a Pin joint"

Question asked by Loren Sackett on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2019 by Jack Berryman

Short version: I'm getting this error: "No element surface defined on a Pin joint" Does anyone know what it means?


Long version: I ran the FEA then made some changes (but no changes to any of the pins or pinned surfaces). Now I am getting this error message. It does not say which pin is "broken" and there are 100s of pins in this model. I have tried ctrl+Q, "update all components", restarting Solidworks, and suppressing/unsuppressing all pins - nothing has worked. It is a static study with "no penetration" nonlinearity running in SW2018 SP 2.0.


I was a little surprised that google had nothing on this error message - but now it will!!!