Dave Kolacz

3D Contact elastic properties in CosmosMotion 2008?

Discussion created by Dave Kolacz on Mar 17, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2009 by Ian Hogg
In CosmosMotion 2008, 3D contacts/elastic properties/impact there are parameters for stiffness, exponent, max. damping, and penetration . The only information I can find in the help files for the elastic properties is for the penetration.


3D Contact Resolution. Controls the allowed amount of penetration within geometric meshes. Lower settings allow more penetration within the mesh.

So lower settings allow more penetration -just the opposite of what I would have expected. Could someone tell me how penetration in CosmosMotion 2008 is defined? Does it have units associated with it? What value should be entered to effectively have no penetration.

Likewise, is there a definition somewhere for the stiffness, exponent, and max damping?

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