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Speedpak: virtual parts VS external files?

Question asked by Madson Germano on Dec 8, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by Madson Germano

Hi SWorkers,


I'm trying to enhance the performance of our model library and started messing around with speedpak (SW 2018).

For the sake of testing, I've created trough macro an assembly with 100 unique (independent) virtual sub assies that has been speedpaked to see how SP would help.

BUT, when trying to open the main file in different modes (lightweight, lightweight with SP, large assembly, large assembly with SP, etc) I just didn't noticed any reasonable difference in loading time. All ranged between 48-50sec (my machine is one of the oldest and slowest in my department)


Am I doing something wrong or speedpak behaves differently with virtual parts?


NOTE: I'm aware that 2019 has some nice performance improvements, but my company will probably not upgrade at least until march or april...