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    OptiX (nvidia,AI Denoiser) for PhotoView 360 (modo)

    Paul Salvador

      So... why do we NOT have OptiX (nvidia,AI Denoiser) for PhotoView 360 (modo)?

      ,.. is it coming... and when, ..6 months?,.. 1 yr?,.. 1.5yrs,.. 2 yrs?,... 3 yrs?


      Or,.. just tell all the PV360 users the HONEST REAL TRUTH.. .you did NOT upgrade the contract with Foundry (modo) and will be dropping PW360 (modo)...

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          Rob Rodríguez

          I can't speak to the contract between DS and the Foundry and how long its life span is because I don't know but on the topic of the AI denoiser..........

          For something to be included in PV360 it first has to be part of Modo.  Anything in Modo can be in PV360.  DS picks and chooses what they allow PV360 users to have but DS does have access to all of modo if they want it.  This means PV360 could have things in modo like particles, mesh assets like trees, plants, complex UV mapping ability, VR support, even subd modeling.  The Optix AI denoiser isn't suported at the moment (at least I don't think it is) by Modo but I see in Modo 12.2  Modo Latest Release | Modo 3D Modeling Software | Foundry there is general support for Optix accelerated GPU.  I would think that would mean support for AI denoising (since Optix has that) in the very near future.  Once Modo has that ability the only thing keeping that ability from be added to PV360 is DS.