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Create a 3D part from existing 3D part

Question asked by Bach Le on Dec 7, 2018
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Hello all,


I just join Solidworks Forum to ask this question: I want to create a cover lid for a box/housing and 3D printing them. I have read in another old thread that you can import the existing part into a new part file and build model from there. I have 2 questions and have 2 picture attached in this question:


  1. Picture 1: I use Split command to make the highlighted component. I want to create the exact same shape on the orange edge part (the lid). Ultimately I want them to match each other for appearance and fitting purpose. I am going to use a screw to keep the housing and lid together. Due to the thickness of the lid is different than the housing, I cannot mimic the component by using arc and fillet. It does not match. I may use Mirror feature to do this but when I make the component transparent, the mirrored one become transparent as well.
  2. Picture 2: If I want to 3D print the lid separately, how may I do it. If I delete the housing body in the part tree, will it destroy all my reference to the housing? If I do not delete the body, then it gonna 3D print the whole lid and housing as one part and I do not want this.


I hope to hear your advise. Let me know if there is any trouble viewing the pictures.

Picture 1Picture 1.jpg

Picture 2Picture 2.jpg