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    Create a 3D part from existing 3D part

    Bach Le

      Hello all,


      I just join Solidworks Forum to ask this question: I want to create a cover lid for a box/housing and 3D printing them. I have read in another old thread that you can import the existing part into a new part file and build model from there. I have 2 questions and have 2 picture attached in this question:


      1. Picture 1: I use Split command to make the highlighted component. I want to create the exact same shape on the orange edge part (the lid). Ultimately I want them to match each other for appearance and fitting purpose. I am going to use a screw to keep the housing and lid together. Due to the thickness of the lid is different than the housing, I cannot mimic the component by using arc and fillet. It does not match. I may use Mirror feature to do this but when I make the component transparent, the mirrored one become transparent as well.
      2. Picture 2: If I want to 3D print the lid separately, how may I do it. If I delete the housing body in the part tree, will it destroy all my reference to the housing? If I do not delete the body, then it gonna 3D print the whole lid and housing as one part and I do not want this.


      I hope to hear your advise. Let me know if there is any trouble viewing the pictures.

      Picture 1Picture 1.jpg

      Picture 2Picture 2.jpg

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Welcome to the forum.  I'm afraid I don't understand what you're trying to do in Question 1, but I can help with Question 2.  As long as you use the "Delete body" function to remove the body after it's no longer needed it shouldn't cause any errors or broken references.


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              Dan Pihlaja

              Basically, the Delete body command adds a feature to the tree.  So it is still there in time before the feature, but not afterwards.

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                Bach Le

                Hi Mr. Glenn,


                In question 1, what I want was to build the blue highlighted part in Picture 1 into the shaded wall in Picture 2. My ultimate goal is to be able to use a screw and tighten the shaded and transparent component in Picture 2.


                I already 3D printed the transparent part of Picture 2. Now I want to 3D print the rest (shaded). I would like to know: in case I use the Delete feature and if there is any need to modify the transparent one arise, will the shaded part that I sketched and extruded/cut from it be updated with new dimension? Regarding file handling, do I need to send the "after-body-delete" file and the deleted body design file to be in same folder for the former one able to run?


                On another note sir, I cannot tell from your profile picture, but I was a student worker at TTI last Fall (2017) before graduated. I am grateful to have another Aggie help me out on this.