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How to link existence of hole wizard to part properties?

Question asked by S. Downey on Dec 7, 2018

Hi Guys,


I'm new to the forum, I am a MechEng placement student with a few years experience with solidworks, usually I just browse the forum for answers but for this one I can't see any relevant questions.


So my issue is this, I am using a PLM type system in which I can filter by certain part properties. For example I can filter by properties of the part. for example "Classification" or "Template used" - as shown below.





I have used my thickness range as a global variable so that I can sort easily between parts 0-25mm thick and 26+mm thick. (This is used to split parts as some of our laser cutting suppliers cannot cut 26mm+ therefore we subcontract them elsewhere. I have it set that if thickness is less than 25 the thickness range value =0 if greater than 25 = 1.



I am looking to do something similar to be able to filter out parts with the hole wizard feature used (in particular CSK and tapped features). This is because I will need to be able to separate these parts out to send to be machined. I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me to whether or not this can be done.


Thank you in advance,