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How to convert .obj to .step(214) with texture!

Question asked by Willem Klop on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by Willem Klop

Dear all,


I have scanned a product in 3D with Einscan SP.

My goal is to have .step214 file in color of my scanned product. Exporting with Einscan in .step is not possible. Scanned the product in color and saved it in several formats, with texture.

I have the following files:

1. .obj with .mtl and .jpg

2. .3mf

3. .ply


The following picture is the scanned product and showed in a downloaded converter, opened scanned product in .ply extension but not possible to save in in .step.

I have tried several converters on the internet.


Anyone a tool or method to export it to .Step with texture?


Edit: add appendix -> Alle files are to big. If anyone can convert these please leave email behind and I will send the file by we transfer