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    SW2018 Flow is ignoring a part in assembly.

    Kevin Lloyd

      Hello to all!

      Long time SW user, first time using this forum.  I work with a lot of imported geometry from contract mfgrs and historically this was the issue (coworkers dont always import correctly as they dont use Flow).  Part was re-imported from native, Flow run on only part and meshed & solved as expected, inserted into assy with other imported parts (that work perfectly), and Flow mesh & solver ignore part.  Part is single solid with no surfaces.  Refining mesh doesn’t seem to help.  Adding control planes doesn't help.  Adding a local mesh to only part forces it to create a mesh, but solver still ignores (looks like mesh is only fluid).  I'm running out of ideas; any help would be greatly appreciated!




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          Benjamin Modic

          Hey Kevin,


          First you will want to first check the Component Control to make sure that all of the bodies you want included in the analysis are checked...



          Then you will want to make sure that your mesh plots are showing both fluid and solid and cells...




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              Kevin Lloyd

              Hi Ben

              Thank you for the help.  Component control was good.  I can't believe I never knew about that mesh display feature but it proved indeed part only had fluid mesh.


              Got it working but not sure of the specific issue/cause.  For future reference I again re-imported part, ran diagnostics, ran feature recognition (never had to do this for FLOW and especially since it's only a cover that prohibits air flow), simplified by removing some internal features, and used a slightly refined local mesh on part itself.  Used to occasionally have similar issues with 2017 but this is a first with 2018.


              Thanks again,