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    Why are permanent componets showing up in my electrical BOM?

    Renee Kontra

      I'm trying to figure out a lot about this program and I wish there was more help out there in you tube world, here or when I went to class something. So I ran my report for my BOM and I'm getting parts that have been listed at Permanent component, I don't understand why this is happening. Is there away to remove those permanent components? I have looked under the filter and lets just say I don't get it.  Please help me I'm so lost at this moment in time.




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          Marc Wilson



          First, whenever you place ANYTHING into your electrical project (excluding wire) it must be assigned to a component.  It can be a new component or an existing component.  Components can have symbols and/or parts assigned to them.
          Whether a component is permanent or not depends on how you started to create the component.  More on this later.


          Now a PERMANENT component simply means that you can remove ALL the symbols and parts associated with it and the component will still be listed in component tree.  Important to think of the component as a NAME of an electrical assembly for parts and symbols in your project.  Whether a component is permanent or not has no bearing upon the parts showing up in the BOM (unless you create a BOM to filter parts from a permanent component.  But their definition has nothing to do with what you are thinking


          Lesson 1:  In a blank project, use one of the various tools and double click or drag in a symbol into your schematic.  Add any random part number and confirm the dialogs until you are back at the schematic sheet. 


          Under the project components tree tab, you will see in your default location, the name of the component. While the tree view is visible, single click the symbol you inserted and press DELETE.
          ****************  The component disappears from the tree.  This happens because you no longer have any symbols in the project associated to that component.  The parts are removed from the project as well.


          Lesson 2: Int he component tree, right click a location and select NEW COMPONENT.  Give the component a name.

          Now double click or drag a symbol into your project and in the symbol properties dialog, in the top right side of the window, select the component name you created in the tree.  Close the dialog WITHOUT adding parts.


          With the tree view visible, click on the symbol and press delete.
          ****************  The component DOES NOT disappear from the tree.
          You can right click the component and select delete.  (NOTE: You can not delete a component by it's name in the tree if there are any symbols or 3D objects associated to the component.)


          Components created in the tree, objects created from the PLC tools and/or terminal strips always create permanent components.


          TO change their permanent status, RIGHT CLICK one or more component names in the component tree, and select "Set as non-permanent..."   or   "Set as permanent...." depending on which you'd like to do.

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              Renee Kontra

              Thanks Marc for answering so if I understand you correctly, I can't remove terminal blocks from my BOM? I did see how to remove some components from the BOM but I can't remove the terminal blocks. If I set the filters to remove them it removes all other components and leaves me with the terminal blocks. I did find a work around by deleting them after the report was made, but that is a pain to remember if you're in a hurry.


              Also thank you for explaining why I I can't delete components at times, I was wondering why that was happening.


              I wish more people who use this software and have been through the ups and downs of learning it would be on here more often. Some of us might like to have a mentor to reach out to at times to answer questions or they might know someone who could answer hard questions.

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              Renee Kontra

              Thanks Marc but I figured out a really cool way to do this.


              I'm renamed the user data 1 and 2 in the component as drawing location and reference as really they are all reference since they are called out in the assembly drawings. So my BOM shows them as reference and what drawing they are associated to.


              Boy this program has a lot of quirks but I'm slowly figuring them out.