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Too Many Elements?

Question asked by William Finch on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by Ryan Navarro

I need to run a Static analysis for large structures made out of a lot of these:


The members are cut out of 3x3-inch aluminum angle. The structure is a rectangular box about 72-inch sides, with lots of bracing and supports all over the place.


The small features are important, but the structure is big. If I try to mesh with big elements, the mesh fails. If I apply a Mesh Control and make the elements about the size of those little (1/4-inch) angled members, the element count goes way up (obviously) and either the mesh or study fails (or takes a day).


Is there a way I can run a static analysis just on the above part to get the stiffness matrix (per linear inch)? Then use beam elements, with the newly-found properties, to analyze the entire, larger structure? The solid patches on the ends are for connection and could probably be ignored.