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    PDM Task List Timeout Notification when stuck?

    Alexandre Bonneau



      We have a PC dedicated to run our PDM tasks, mainly PDF and eDrawings conversions. From time to time, some task get stuck for no apparent reasons. When I restart the PC, the tasks that was stuck continue normally.


      The question is, is there a way to set an automatic notification when a task is stuck for more then 15 or 20 minutes? And do you have an idea why task get stuck?

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          Sam Sam



          1 idea - antivirus / firewall - - to configure all processes to exceptions / ports.

          (try to turn off temporarily all checks of an antivirus).

          2 idea - all *.exe files (SW, PDM, EDrawings, SQL....) to set in properties - start on behalf of the administrator.

          3 idea - to add the current user (with the rights of the administrator) to vault properties.

          4 ideas - to check in SQL - 2 tables - BroadcastEvent and DocumentActionInfo (it has to be empty), the PDM and SQL logs on servers and clients and also to clean Temp folders.


          By the way, how execution of tasks - locally or on the server is configured?

          Also, it is possible to try to set in services of a host restart at errors.

          Check in the registry - whether there are no nonexistent vaults / databases.

          Check relevance of mailing lists of notifications.


          For a start, I think enough. If there is no result - it is possible to continue.

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            Nadia Shea

            This is a hard coded option in the PDM Tasks Dialog.


            Under the Add-in windows, there if an option of 'minutes to wait before failing' that is default set to 0. If you put anything other than 0 there, it'll be the number of minutes it waits before it just calls it a failed task and triggers the failure notification.



            2019 SOLIDWORKS PDM Help - Task Properties - Add-in