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Importing Flow Simulation into Thermal Study - Error with Thermal Conduction

Question asked by Amelia Grace on Dec 4, 2018

I am attempting to simulate the temperature change of six round cheese placed in a cardboard box and exposed to 5m/s airflow at 50°C. The cheese and box both have an initial temperature of 0°C and I want to include convection, radiation and conduction.


I have first modelled the airflow over the box using Solidworks Flow Simulation and from a plot of the Heat Transfer Coefficient (h value), the maximum h value for the cheese is ~30W/m^2.K. However, when I import the Flow Simulation data into a Thermal Study (under the "Include Fluid Convection Effects from a Solidworks Flow Study") and graph the convection, the highest values are around 320W/m^2.K, which greatly exceeds the expected values and the values produced by the Flow Simulation. Therefore, I am unsure of the validity of the data obtained from the thermal study.


The Solidworks files are linked below (too large to attach). Have I made an error in setting up the conditions for my Thermal Study? Any help is appreciated!


Screenshot (1).pngScreenshot (2).png