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After using Weldment Trim, the whole element disappear! How to fix it?

Question asked by kh wong on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by Deepak Gupta

//First time asking here, not sure if I have the correct category.

I am quite a beginning in Solidworks. I was trying to do a truss using weldments. After drawing the 3D sketch and making the structural members, I got the model and had to start trimming overlapped area.


I was trying to trim the area with red circle. I wanted the right bar trimmed. Then I had the setting like this:

So now the yellow bar (I called it the straight bar) should be trimmed. Yet surprise!e3.png

The straight bar disappeared!

Did I use the wrong trimming method?(Actually I tried nearly all combination, e,g allow extension/not allow extension, simple cut/coped cut, end trim/miter/end butt1/end butt2, yet still not work!)

Or did I create my model incorrect at the first place? I drew a 3D sketch, and use structure member to create the outermost circumference, then the straight bars, and then the tilt bars.

Could anyone help me suggest how to fix it? Thanks a lot!!!


FYI, I attached the file I am working at. Really appreciate whoever helping me!