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Not recognizable formatting of the file

Question asked by Sam Sam on Dec 4, 2018

I face many years same a mistake.

When replacing of the existing file in PDM (it is unimportant with what extensions) the message - "not recognizable formatting of the file" appears.

At the same time, practically always I at the same time have opened (but not active) a PDM Explorer window in which this file is selected.

If to remove allocation of this file (to select any other file) - the problem disappears.

As I understand - a problem in some blocking of the file, it is possible because of some PDM or Windows settings.

I also had suspicions on - Workflow - "ignore permissions in the previous states".

But in that case, I think that at removal of selection from the file - nothing would change (perhaps I am mistaken).

The problem is that forcibly it is impossible to recreate a situation and when it occurs - there is no time to deal with it.

I see that there are similar questions, for example -, but decisions do not suit me.


Whether there are still some offers?