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Get file variable while checkout the file addin

Question asked by Pichaiyan Prabaharan on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Michael Dekoning



I need to get the file name and one of its variable in  message box.

I managed to write to get file name but i can't get variable value.

could you please anyone help with this?


Imports EdmLib

Public Class VbAddin

    Implements IEdmAddIn5

    Public Sub GetAddInInfo(ByRef poInfo As EdmAddInInfo, poVault As IEdmVault5, poCmdMgr As IEdmCmdMgr5) Implements IEdmAddIn5.GetAddInInfo

        poInfo.mbsAddInName = "Menu command sample"
        poInfo.mbsCompany = "SOLIDWORKS Corporation"
        poInfo.mbsDescription = "Adds menu command items"
        poInfo.mlAddInVersion = 1
        poInfo.mlRequiredVersionMajor = 10
        poInfo.mlRequiredVersionMinor = 0


    End Sub

    Public Sub OnCmd(ByRef poCmd As EdmCmd, ByRef ppoData As Array) Implements IEdmAddIn5.OnCmd

        Dim AffectedFile As EdmCmdData
        Dim AffectedFileNames As String = vbCrLf + vbCrLf

        Select Case poCmd.meCmdType
            Case EdmCmdType.EdmCmd_PreLock

                For Each AffectedFile In ppoData
                    AffectedFileNames += AffectedFile.mbsStrData1 + vbCrLf
                Next AffectedFile
                AffectedFileNames += vbCrLf

                Dim MsgBoxResult As MsgBoxResult
                MsgBoxResult = MsgBox("The Files Below are about to be checked out" + AffectedFileNames + "Seleted.")

            Case Else
                poCmd.mpoVault.msgbox(poCmd.mlParentWnd, "An Unknown Command type was issued.")
        End Select

    End Sub
End Class