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Best folder structure for Assembly components...?

Question asked by Vince Boice on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Simon Kutassy

Hello all-


I am currently trying to decide the best way to set up the folder structure for our current process.


Our projects consist mainly of Assemblies, built from a common set of standard Sub-Assemblies, Parts, and purchased parts, in different quantities and layouts..

My first inclination is to have a folder for each Sub-Assembly, containing the top level (sub)Assembly, as well as it's components.

And possibly one for purchased parts.


This way, I could copy that entire directory structure into the current project's directory and work from there.


Or, should I create the same folder structure in a common location and pull components from there into the current project?

If I go this route, and changes were made to any of the standard components, wont that update the previous (delivered) projects?


I'm getting pretty good with modelling, but the file management component still has me a bit stumped.


Thanks in advance!