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Search Form Logic

Question asked by Trayer Wiley on Dec 4, 2018
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I'm trying to understand how the search form logic works between all of the elements from the Search Card, the search criteria, the comparing variable(s), and the resulting column set.


Creating the Search Card is fairly straight forward, as is adding the control fields and assigning the variables. But how do you define the logic behind how you want to filter the search? If you have a start and end date, how do you say values >= start_date and values <= end_date?


In our installation, I see that there is a different kind of variable with a magnifying glass rather than the 'x' in parentheses, which I assume is where this logic is contained. But when I click on "Variables...", I can only see the standard type of variables to edit. How do I create and edit this other type of variable? Below is a screenshot of what I mean.



Am I missing anything else in how the logic of searching works?



Trayer Wiley