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how to create a 3d CAD model using circuitworks of a rigid flex pcb?

Question asked by Yariv Land on Dec 4, 2018

Hi All,


I have been working with a Hardware Engineer to create a Rigid Flex PCB in Altium - now I would like to export the PCB with all of the components and be able to bend the flexible parts in order to validate that it wil suit the mechanical housing.


is there an easy way to do that and have a easy to work part?


please note that the PCB thickness is around 1.5 mm and thhe thickness of the flex is around 0.17mm.


I have contacted my local Solidworks company but they do not have any working solution.


I have been exporting Parasolid and Step files which create a huge part size, which make working on my nit extremmly hard and time consuming.

even saving the PCB as a Part takes ages.


I wonder if there is an easy way to use Circuit works (which remove all of teh non relevant information from the components) and bring an easy to use PCB assembly which I can easily use.


appreciate your help ands support,