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    Contradictory Equations!

    Joshua Aley

      Hi Guys,


      I'm currently getting to grips with equations and I have managed to sort he first half but the second is proving difficult.

      I have added an equation that says..


      .Hinge 4 = if (overall frame height >2299, unsuppressed, supressed).

      So the hinge cutout unsuppressed nicely when the height is over 2300


      I now want to add an equation to this by saying

      Hinge 4 = if (overall frame height > 2344, supressed, unsuppressed)

      So i want to suppress this feature again to use a different one


      I want to add a different hinge at a different location when it goes over the length 2345. Hench why i want to supress it again after the height increases past a point and unsuppressed the other feature. (H5)


      I have no idea where to turn now as there doesn't seem to be a function to easily do it?

      Really hoping a SW boffin can give me a hand on this,


      Hope you get my trash talk.

      Kind Regards,

      A CAD Technician