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Stepped dado, help

Question asked by Daniel Joblin on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by Daniel Joblin

Hi folks,


Hoping someone can help me with this modeling issue.


For our company ( cabinet making )  we are looking to utilize stepped dados ( I eliminates the need for us to change every model, to account for difference in ply sheet thickness, which varies by 0.4mm per sheet ).

I found the below stepped dado on the forum here somewhere. Someone with some talent has coded it and i cannot seem to reverse engineer it.. Its pretty good, but only works on Left hand side dado's. One work around is to model the dado on the opposite side of the model to get the RHS, but that does not always work and if I want to make vertical dados it works haphazardly.


Have Asked our local re-seller of solidworks and they basically decided it was too hard.


One thing we model in soldibodies (weldments) before saving individual parts out of the Solid body file.


cheers in advance.